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Poster Amore

amore amóre s. m. [lat. amor -ōris, affine ad amare]. – 1. Sentimento di viva affezione verso una persona che si manifesta come desiderio di procurare il suo bene e di ricercarne la compagnia: amore ... non è altro che unimento spirituale...

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Dal vocabolario Treccani
pòster s. m. . – 1. Manifesto, o anche riproduzione fotografica, di grande formato, che si affigge alle pareti a scopo decorativo: il p. di un cantante rock, di una squadra di calcio; il p. di un paesaggio, di una mostra d’arte. 2. Sessione p., nei congressi scientifici, esposizione di manifesti in cui sono riportati (sotto forma di testo scritto, tabelle, disegni, ecc.) i risultati di ricerche originali, così da promuoverne la discussione in un ambiente più ristretto.

Treccani junior

The Treccani Junior. A perfect gift idea for any occasion.

Until September 18th -20% discount



 € 147,00  €117,60

Utopia Project

Give a limited edition poster signed by the artist.

Starting from

€ 100,00

Linea Definizione

Make a unique and refined gift with the drawing kits, notebooks, notebooks and accessories for free time enriched by the Treccani definitions.

Starting from

€ 6,90

Art Books

Quaderni d’arte italiana is a quarterly magazine, created by the Rome Quadriennale foundation, which is aimed at providing a space for exploring 21st-century Italian art.


€ 14,00

Dizionario dell’italiano Treccani 

Words to be read and understood: uncover the deeper meaning of the words that make up our ever-evolving language with Vocabolario Treccani (Treccani Dictionary).

Shop by installments, without interest

€ 85,00 € 68,00

Treccani Accademia

Give an innovative and excellent educational experience on various topics such as business management, art and cultural heritage, food and wine and tourism, economics and law, health.

Shop by installments, without interest

Each word is a work of art

Invading the walls with the words of the Treccani Vocabulary and with the images of the artists to consolidate the vocabulary and stimulate the imagination of the reader and the observer: this is the ultimate goal of the Utopia project, an immense archive, in progress, which returns a photograph of the contemporary art scene while celebrating the Italian language.

Treccani Arte

Discover the projects of Treccani Arte, the new branch of the Treccani Institute entirely dedicated to contemporary art. Treccani Arte aims to promote a universal dissemination of knowledge in the artistic field through the production of artist multiples and publications dedicated to Italian and international contemporary art.

Have your say with the Linea Definizione

Definition, a line of everyday objects, created to rediscover the importance of an immense common cultural heritage: the Italian language.
Make your desk unique with high quality drawing kits, notebooks, notebooks and notepads enriched with Treccani definitions.

Definizione Line

Definizione, a line of everyday objects, created to rediscover the importance of an immense common cultural heritage: the Italian language. With a sober and elegant style, the Definition products invite us to rediscover the history of the object and the etymology of words, through the definitions of the Treccani Vocabulary.


Increase your knowledge and choose the Treccani Books, which tell the places and times of our culture
with a current approach, enriched by the relationship between the humanities and scientific disciplines.
Discover the essays, the Art Books, the Encyclopedias, the valuable volumes and much more!

Treccani Libri

Treccani Libri is the new editorial project presented by the Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia, which aims to reaffirm its role as a point of reference in the world of culture in a contemporary way.
The goal is to thus bring together not only an audience that has always been consolidated, but also that of the youngest ones.

La Treccani Junior

The new Treccani work for children.
A safe and authoritative guide to discovering the world of today and tomorrow.

Treccani Glasses

This eyewear collection invites us to rediscover the history of the object and the etymology of words through the definitions in the Treccani dictionary. In addition to their unmistakable style, the glasses feature high-quality lenses that protect the eyes from the blue light emitted by digital screens, providing comfort and protection in reading and daily use. With Treccani by Ottovolante, reading and appreciating design come together in a unique experience, inviting you to rediscover the pleasure of knowledge through an accessory that is both a cultural tool and a style statement.

Discover our services for companies

Treccani per le Imprese is able to offer a solution to all your requests, through the creation of numbered and
personalized artistic works, able to tell the values of your company and transmit them to a specific target.

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