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      Clessidra, Giorgio Andreotta Calò Alfabeto Treccani
      Ref: ALFAB-CAL
      Woodcut hand-printed with Eugène Brisset press
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      The limited edition work dialogues with the cycle of sculptures called Clessidre (Hourglasses) that Giorgio Andreotta Calò has been making since 1999; they are bronze reproductions of a fragment of bricola, a wooden pole typically used to delimit canals and moor boats in the Venetian lagoon. The erosive and constant action of the water over time corrodes the wooden structures near the lagoon surface, progressively thinning the central section until the upper part detaches from the base embedded in the earth; this residual form is then traced by the artist. After making two identical wax models, he makes a bronze casting and assembles them specularly, subjecting the material to a final metamorphosis and fixing it in time. For the construction of the graphic work, one of the wooden structures at the origin of the sculptural work is cut in half longitudinally, to obtain two mirror-like and identical surfaces. The two flat parts are inked and used as matrixes for wood-block printing. Using a Eugène Brisset hand press, the two halves are printed on paper. Then they are positioned on their longitudinal axis in such a way that the two thin parts almost touch each other on the paper’s cutting line, which coincides with an ideal sea level. In this way a palindromic and specular form is generated from the same wooden structure, which retraces the conceptual operation of the sculptural process.


      • 2019
      • 2 x (50 x 82.5)
      • Woodcut hand-printed with Eugène Brisset press on handmade Japanese paper
      • Edition of 25 copies + 10 artist's proofs
      • Each copy is signed and numbered
      • This edition was printed by Litografia Bulla, Rome

      2A481D08-A177-457F-AE32-DC22CC10196ECreated with sketchtool.