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      Trittico (Triptych), Enzo Cucchi
      Ref: CUCCHI-TRI
      Hand-printed lithographs using a Eugene Brisset lithographic press
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      This work was inspired by a reinterpretation of Leibniz’s reflection on the union of “elsewhere” and “here”, which reopens the eternal question of existence, its beginning and its end. A work of great evocative power consisting of three hemispherical elements. These forms symbolically evoke an archaic and essential reality, contaminated by fairy-tale motifs, each of which revolves around the image of a cat. The dominant colours, also charged with metaphorical implications, are black, red and ivory. Cucchi's animals, including the cat, evoke the worlds of magic and of night, of myth and imagination, becoming symbols of humanity's collective memory. With their disturbing mystery and their recurring but also unpredictable presence, they seize the gaze of spectator and compel them to meditate on the mystery of our origins.


      • The graphic work consists of three lithographs drawn on stone by Enzo Cucchi, hand-printed with a star-wheel press on 71gr "Bunko-shi" Japanese paper by Fratelli Bulla in Rome. The lithographs were then applied to spherical cellulose sections prepared by hand by Paride Piselli, Rome.

      2A481D08-A177-457F-AE32-DC22CC10196ECreated with sketchtool.