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      La terra, la storia e noi / The Earth, History and Us. The Atropocene Event, by Christophe Bonneuil/Jean-Baptiste Fressoz Visioni
      Ref: 978-88-12-00736-3

      Translated by Agnese Accattoli and Andrea Grechi

      $ 31.86

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      Christophe Bonneuil and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz, two French historians of science, analyse the way in which politics and ecology have connected over the centuries, in the historical context of the geological era in which human action affects the planet more than any natural force: "The Anthropocene". Here they explore the economic and social factors underlying climate change, providing rational tools which instead of adding a further layer of complexity propose a set of connections and links that simplify and reinforce our understanding.

      This book explains how the urge to create an economically dangerous “disposable society” has been developing for a far longer time than we usually think. It also indicates a precise and rational path that offers a different way to analyse a nation’s economic system. The Earth, History and Us presents a definitive state of the art viewpoint on the global crisis we are experiencing, but also provides a lucid analysis leading to a key conclusion: the destiny of our planet lies in our own hands.


      • Release Date: April 11th, 2019

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