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      La tirrannia del tempo / The Tyranny of Time Lifestyle acceleration in the age of digital capitalism, by Judy Wajcman Visioni
      Ref: 978-88-12-00825-4

      Translated by Daria Restani

      $ 27.14

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      Thumbs racing frantically on telephonic touchscreens, the background mumble or squeal of smartphone notifications, the 24-hour traffic of emails and messaging... Nowadays, we tend to have an image of ourselves as being permanently on the run, no longer in control of our own time, hostages to our smartphones, which have somehow alienated us from “genuine human communication.” Simply a tired stereotype, says Judy Wajcman: actually, our technological devices also have a powerful emancipatory potential, and numerous studies demonstrate that from the 1960s until today our free time has expanded, not contracted. In reality, we should consider ourselves slaves to a model that we have imposed upon ourselves: prisoners of the myth of acceleration which we think is special to our age but which actually has an immeasurable tradition behind it, hostages of an ultra-active lifestyle, generally considered simply as a status symbol. The tyranny of time is a book that aims to stimulate a profound rethinking of the debate on balancing private life and work, and on the evolving dynamics of our society.

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