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      Riprendere il controllo / Taking back control, by George Monbiot Visioni
      Ref: 978-88-12-00734-9

      New communities for a new politics

      Translated by Gianni Pannofino

      $ 24.78

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      The world is dominated by a toxic ideology based on competition and individualism, projecting a twisted representation of human nature and effectively destroying hope and belief in a shareable goal. This can only be substituted by a positive vision, a new narration that attracts people to politics and establishes a road-plan towards a better and more sustainable future.
      George Monbiot explains how advances in psychology, neuroscience and evolutionary biology paint a radically different portrait of human beings, indicating their behaviour as altruists and cooperators, and offers concrete proposals for nourishing a new politics of belonging. Both democracy and economics can be reorganised from the bottom upwards, enabling us to take back control and weaken the forces that have suffocated our aspirations for a better society. Urgent and passionate, provocative and purposeful, Monbiot's book provides the hope and clarity that is needed in order to change the world.


      • Release Date: April 11th, 2019

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