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    The olive tree has symbolized peace and man's ability to cultivate the land for millennia. Great authors such as Homer have often referred to him in their works, as in canto V of the Odyssey in which Ulysses, forced to look for a landing place, enters the mouth of a river and after some uncertainties, decides to hide in the woods among the shrubs and of the olive trees, where, covered by leaves, it finally gives way to sleep. The olive tree is the founding element for Casale Scola: from it the company produces the precious extra virgin olive oil in full respect of the production and natural cycles, an example of how the cultivation of plants according to tradition is, even today, symbol of quality and authenticity.

    The soils of Casale Scola, within the Hypogeum Geopark of the Upper Crotone area, are characterized by geological, geomorphological, biological and historical features that make this area unique in its kind. In this environment of great naturalistic and landscape value, the farm covers sixteen hectares of olive groves, located at an average altitude of 500 meters. The cultivation of the olive tree in the Lese valley has ancient and deep roots: archaeological sources dating back to the 7th and 6th centuries BC place it at the time of Magna Graecia.
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    The olive tree was considered a symbol of wealth, depicted on the first coins minted in ancient Kroton, an important center of Magna Graecia. The development of cultivation with the introduction of more developed cultivation techniques took place in the following centuries, thanks to the work of the Basilian monks, who came from the Hellenic East, who settled in this area towards the end of the sixth century AD. The extra virgin olive oil that Casale Scola obtains in this area is not just a food product: its economic value is intertwined with a strong historical and social value. EVO oil is produced with organic methods, cultivating the olive trees with targeted agronomic and cultural techniques, which maintain a balance between soil, crop and environment.

    This way of doing olive growing has been part of the company's ethics since the beginning and respects the methods of modern organic farming, to which Casale Scola has adhered without hesitation since 2013 to offer an organic extra virgin olive oil DOP of the highest quality, genuine and chemical-free, reducing the environmental impact of agricultural activity as much as possible and ensuring that every clod of land is cultivated in full respect of its natural cycles and eco-sustainability.

    At the base of every business choice is the desire to satisfy the needs of a healthy diet of consumers and at the same time protect the environment, as well as the cultural values ​​of peasant civilization. The organic DOP extra virgin olive oil from Casale Scola is the result of the symbiosis between health protection and tradition, to demonstrate that the relationship between man and nature can be constructive.