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    Caseificio Pennar

    Since 1927, Caseificio Pennar has been synonymous with quality and naturalness, which are brought to the table from the mountains of the Asiago Plateau. Due to the exceptional quality of its milk, processed with traditional methods, this historic dairy has been a source of pride and a symbol of Italian food excellence for more than 100 years.
    In fact, it has also been awarded the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. The Asiago Pressato DOP is certainly one of its best known products. With its delicate sweet taste of fresh milk and matured for 30 to 60 days, this prized product won the gold medal at the International Exposition of 1930 in Paris. Produced from raw milk and skimmed of fat using the natural skimming method, Asiago d’Allevo DOP stands out for its slow maturation process, on European spruce boards, lasting from four months to three years. This special processing method has allowed Asiago d’Allevo – produced in the Mezzano, Vecchio and Stravecchio varieties with no added preservatives or anti-fermenting agents – to win many national and international awards, including “Best Italian Cheese” and several wins at the International Mountain Cheese Olympics.

    Among the various records achieved by this dairy business is the renowned Tosela Pennar, a cheese that retains its consistency when cooked as it remains very firm: with its unmistakable strong and tasty flavour, the Tosela produced by Caseificio Pennar is the only cheese that is still produced according to the ancient tradition of the Asiago Plateau. With its flavour, which evokes the taste of Asiago, Latteria and Fontina cheeses, Pennarone Pennar is the ideal choice for customers with discerning palates, interested in savouring the sweet cheeses of the Asiago Plateau and enjoying their best qualities in a single bite. Some of Pennar’s excellent products, made according to tradition, include the delicious “caciotta”, “thal”, “crema di formaggio” (cream cheese) and butter, along with “casatella”, “ricotta di montagna” (mountain ricotta cheese), “palle di neve” (snowballs) and mascarpone cheese: a story of timeless quality and taste.  

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    Pennar has obtained the most innovative certifications in the food sector to ensure its customers high quality products:
    ISO 22005 - 2008 (to be renewed): the standard provides the principles and specifies the basic requirements for designing and implementing an agri-food traceability system.