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    Master full time - Management dell'Arte e dei beni culturali
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    Master full time - Management dell'Arte e dei beni culturali

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    The Art and Culture system represents one of our country’s strategic resources. It consists not only of Museums, Archaeological sites and Galleries, but also of Foundations and entrepreneurial realities which offer important professional opportunities. In other words, it is imperative to respond to the demand of a changing market by training professionals who are able to manage not only artistic content but also the legal, managerial and development aspects of the various spheres of action in the cultural sector.

    The Master Management of Art and Cultural Heritage provides essential skills for training highly specialised professionals, with an innovative and international managerial vision. It is especially useful for the strategic management of cultural heritage organisations, as well as implementing projects for the enhancement, conservation and safeguarding of Italy’s cultural heritage.

      The Master is dedicated to graduates and undergraduates in socio-economic, humanistic and legal disciplines, who have decided to train and work in the arts and cultural heritage sector. The Master is limited to a fixed number of participants, and involves a selection process. To apply, you need to fill in the admission application on the website
      Various Scholarships are available to fully or partially cover the participation fee or deferred payments without interest.