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    La Lira Siamo Noi Repubblica L.1 Cornucopia del 1959

    La Lira Siamo Noi Repubblica L.1 Cornucopia del 1959

    Meaningful photographs and images that tell the story of Italy and the Italians over the years. Illustrations, drawings, and sketches of coins and banknotes that paint a vivid fresco of the Italian nation and its memory. After all, the money we once had in our hands represents the tangible means by which we have built our history. The unusual art gallery displaying our currency of the time, the Lira, is enhanced by large format pages, by the choice of paper with suggestive inserts of colour and transparency, by meticulous print care and precious binding. On the cover the bas-relief is coined on a silver background, depicting the L 1 of the 1959 Cornucopia.

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