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    The Laurentian manuscript Plut. 6.23. The illustrated Gospels
    TreccaniTreccani   |   Tesori Svelati

    The Laurentian manuscript Plut. 6.23. The illustrated Gospels

    Facsimile of a code with related commentary

    Facsimile of a code with related commentary

    The Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana (Laurentian Library) in Florence houses the manuscript Plut. 6.23, reproduced by Treccani in facsimile. It is a one-of-a-kind 11th-12th century evangeliary with an impressive number of illustrations, which faithfully reconstructs the story of the gospel through a powerful use of imagery. The entire written text features iconographies, making it speak for itself, with 285 small illustrations. The facsimile contains a commentary consisting of more than 100 pages, with essays by Gianfranco Ravasi and Tania Velmans and 50 out-of-text colour plates. The word of the Lord in perfect harmony with the evocative power of images.


    Format: 16 x 20 cm

    Print run of 399 hand-numbered copies plus 13 unnumbered copies.

    The facsimile, like the manuscript, is made up of folios I + 212 + I’.

    The facsimile is printed in four colours using the stochastic screening technique plus flexographic gold, gold paste and gold foil on Luxor parchment paper by Cartiere Fedrigoni

    The stitching and headband are handcrafted

    The binding is made of naturally tanned burgundy-coloured cowhide leather by Conceria 800: the cover has a dry-engraved rhomboid central frieze and four small side studs with strap closure

    The facsimile and the commentary is kept in an elegant slipcase made of lime wood, with gold engravings on the front and flocked fabric on the inside, plus a tilting element with bookrest holder.