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    Frantoio Fratelli Turri

    The Frantoio Fratelli Turri olive oil mill is located in the municipality of Cavaion Veronese, in the province of Verona, which is well-known in the wine and food industry for its olive, fruit and wine production. This area is considered the northernmost extra virgin olive oil production region in Europe, boasting scenery of outstanding beauty, with lush olive groves and vineyards lining the morainic hills of Lake Garda. The history of this well-established business dates back to 1951 when the oil mill was founded by Giancarlo Turri, who inherited from his father a strong passion for farming traditions and love of the land, which led to this ambitious business project.

    Today, the company is run by his son Giovanni and his daughters Laura and Luisa and combines oil milling with promoting the culture of extra virgin olive oil from the Lake Garda area. As one of the first oil mills in the Verona and Lake Garda area, Turri oversees the production process with great care and meticulousness in order to preserve the authenticity of this product, which is the result of a natural blend of nature and culture. Turri’s product range reflects its desire to promote the local area through tradition and by offering characteristic products, grouped into several product lines: Oil, Goodness, Vinegar and Wellness.
    Discover the Olio extra vergine di oliva Garda DOP Orientale
    Discover the Olio extra vergine di oliva Garda DOP Orientale
    Oil production is the core business of this company, which stands out for two products in particular: Turri 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Garda PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Garda PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced by Turri in its modern oil mill, is among the most renowned in the world. In addition, the Wellness line addresses the need to offer products that are able not only to spread the culture of olive oil, but also to demonstrate just how versatile olive oil can be; this product line also includes books published by Turri and cosmetics made with Turri oil. Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, Frantoio Fratelli Turri is a prime example of tradition, innovation and sustainability in the olive-growing area of Lake Garda. In fact, the company’s production activities are based on tradition while still embracing innovation. The oil mill is equipped with cutting-edge machinery, and the boiler runs on olive pomace, a waste by-product of olive processing, which has a high calorific value and is considered biomass.

    The use of olive pomace ensures that the olives are used in their entirety, in accordance with circular economy principles. The efforts made by Turri to spread the olive-growing culture are significantly highlighted in the Castaldo Museum, where the history of the local area, of the countryside and of the ongoing evolution of the oil mill is told in detail. The purpose of the museum is therefore to preserve historical memory and traditions, providing a firm basis for a forward-looking approach.
    Frantoio Fratelli Turri has obtained cutting-edge certifications in the food industry, which allow it to offer its customers high-quality products:
    ISO9001: this is the internationally recognised reference standard for the Quality management of an organisation;
    IFS: this is an international standard aimed at ensuring effective selection of branded food suppliers for large-scale retailers;
    FDA: this registration is compulsory for exporting food products to the USA;
    JAS: this certification is compulsory for exporting and marketing organic products in Japan