Enoturismo e nuovi modelli di accoglienza in cantina

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Vino e ospitalità: un circolo virtuoso tra produzione, turismo e cultura.

Il Master è in programma dal 13/11/2023, online, in live streaming oppure on demand.

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Wine is an ambassador for its territories, its culture and its tradition and history. Arranging visits to the wine cellar can be transformed into a fascinating moment of cultural enrichment. When you suggest a wine, you must also explain its territory. For this reason, hospitality in the wine cellar represents the starting point for the development of important new cultural experiences involving different sectors and actors. Such activities aim to generate a virtuous circle driven by synergies between production, tourism and culture. The Master responds to the need for training professionals with distinctive skills in the wine sector and in the tourism sector. During the Master the fundamental elements for the creation of a wine tourism activity will be analysed, starting from the study of the 360° link between wine and territory and on to the development of the steps useful for planning and communicating an experience. Specific focus will be dedicated to the relationship with the customer and your ability to understand their needs, and to valorise the connection between winemaking hospitality, art and design. Without forgetting the digital scenario.

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The Master Hospitality & Wine Experience provides the tools and skills necessary to take advantage of the benefits which wine tourism can bring to winemakers and their areas. Topics covered: Introduction to the world of wine - Wine tourism and destination branding - The construction of a wine experience - Digital scenario and applications in wine tourism - Publicity in the world of wine - Wine resort and hospitality in the wine sector.

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From entrepreneurs, managers and professionals in the tourism and wine sector, to winemakers and sommeliers and enthusiasts who intend to expand their technical and managerial skills.

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Il Master si sviluppa in 12 giornate non consecutive (il lunedì dalle 10.00 alle 19.00 e il martedì dalle 9.30 alle 13.30) per un totale di 72 ore di formazione online, con lezioni da seguire in live streaming oppure on demand.
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