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    A Ten-Volume handbook about the understanding of the world aiming to arouse young students and their parents interest. 2500 entries, around 6000 images and 10 comic strips. Much more than an encyclopedia: ten volumes... you need to keep on your bedside table.


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    A captivating and easy-to-consult work, able to thrill, page after page, even the parents themselves, who can find the answers to all the questions of their children and feed their curiosity. A way of making culture that creates sharing, capable of uniting generations, thanks to which you can discover and rediscover the pleasure of browsing, while acquiring the necessary knowledge to lay the foundation for a correct and conscious vision of the world, a prerequisite for the development of better consciences and people.

    A certified knowledge tool, signed by Treccani, which guides young people in understanding the world and helps them orient themselves in the era of fake news and the use of the web as a filter of reality, sometimes deceptive. And, why not, a tool that cultivates in the very young the pleasure of leafing through books and encyclopedias that the digital revolution has obfuscated today.