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    Treccani Junior 1 Treccani Junior 2 Treccani Junior 3
    Reliable and safe content, engaging
    pictures and illustrations.
    Stories, notions, drawings: good learning starts with the right tools.
    Treccani Junior is a book dedicated to young children to provide them with the basics of study that are fundamental for all their subsequent education.

    It is a journey into the knowledge of the world supported by an accurate and comprehensible language, suitable also for children.
    The illustrations accompanying each page are colourful and engaging, created only by professional authors.

    The various topics are enriched by in-depth thematic studies, brief vocabulary definitions and biographies to guide reading and learning.
    Thanks to the support of these authoritative tools, learning will be a continuous guided discovery and no longer an imposed necessity.
    4 volumes, 300 photos,
    760 illustrations.
    Whether alone or in your company, from now on learning will be an accessible and fun experience for your children.

    The images that colour each volume are specially created to stimulate visual memory and observation skills. In addition, their need for movement will no longer be an obstacle to study time.
    Because the need to discover no longer has any boundaries.
    Observe, Discover, Learn, Know.
    Observing the world; discovering the answers to all the whys; learning to make it on their own; knowing and getting to know each other.
    Organised in 4 volumes, like the phases of learning, Treccani Junior is a journey to discover the answers about the universe and about oneself.
    The reading path of each volume can be linear or personal, allowing you to jump from one topic to another to stimulate creativity and ingenuity.
    Because a book, after all, is nothing more than a map of the world around us.
    4 volumes to give voice to
    their desire to grow.
    Knowledge cannot be improvised, which is why it is important to be able to count on the accuracy of the content, the reliability of the sources and a prestigious signature that alone is a guarantee of success.

    Treccani Junior is all this and much more: it is the experience of the first steps on the path of knowledge.
    Making their own way will be easier if Treccani is there to hold their hand.
    Treccani Junior
    Format: 22x27

    Observe: 124pp.
    Discover: 180pp.
    Learn: 236pp.
    Know: 272pp.