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    La Treccani Junior

    The new Treccani work for children.
    In a world where learning is moving more and more towards the use of digital platforms, fast and immediate but often superficial and unreliable, Treccani has decided to launch its own revolutionary Encyclopaedia on paper, dedicated to children.

    The Treccani Junior is a paper tool that contains notions, stories and definitions and that allows children to take the first steps towards knowledge, independently or in the company of their parents. Organised in 4 volumes entitled Observe, Discover, Learn, and Know, this Treccani creation offers a unique opportunity to provided answers to the typical questions of the “why phase”, when one’s curiosity is the only guide to discovering the world.
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    How it is organized

    Each volume presents a series of thematic sections, each preceded by an Index and deepened in its various aspects by chapters of two or four pages. Each section is identified by a different color that characterizes the graphic elements and the titles of the paragraphs. The sections are illustrated by prestigious artists. The colored words are explained in the dictionary. The vocabulary explains the most difficult terms and expands the linguistic register. The summary summarizes the topic covered in the chapter and is useful for a first understanding. The text is divided into paragraphs to make reading easier. The boxes provide insights into the topics addressed in the chapters. Some boxes are dedicated to the biographies of personalities imported for the examined topic.

    Guida alla lettura

    Many images and paths to follow

    The images present in the iconographic paths allow to deepen the topics addressed in the previous pages. The decorations on the upper margin of the page introduce an iconographic path. Brief comments allow you to orient yourself among the images of the iconographic journey. Captions help female readers and readers to expand their linguistic heritage.

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    <b>Many images and paths to follow</b>
    Percorsi iconografici
    Dettagli dell'opera


    • 4 volumes;
    • Format: 22x27,4
    • Over 760 drawings and 300 images

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    Dettagli dell'opera