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    La Treccani Junior

    Explore new horizons with Treccani
    Lead your children on a journey to discover the world and themselves.

    In the age of digitalisation, Treccani chooses to go against the tide by launching its latest work dedicated to children. Take them on a journey to discover the world with Treccani Junior, a safe tool packed with stories, pictures and quotes to help them take their first steps into learning.
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    Why is it special?

    The series consists of four volumes entitled Observe, Discover, Learn and Know. Treccani Junior encourages children to discover the world around them and provides a unique chance to give them quick and informative answers that satisfy their curiosity and much more. Each book is full of pictures: more than 300 photos and 760 illustrations enrich the reading experience, adding intensity, colour and impact to each page and making reading even more enjoyable and entertaining in order to offer children an opportunity for sharing and light-hearted moments with friends and family or on their own.

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    Leisurely browse through each volume and set out on a personal development path, jumping from one topic to the next, guided only by curiosity and the joy of discovery, learning at your own pace. Reading paths and detailed insights stimulate creativity and ingenuity by alternating practical topics with complex concepts: from the rules of the road to exploring feelings and emotions, from explaining the customs and traditions of distant peoples to respecting the environment. Each topic is thoroughly covered, making it clear how important books are: they are essential resources for gaining self-awareness as well as awareness of the world around us.

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    • 4 volumes
    • Format: 22x27.4
    • More than 760 drawings and 300 pictures

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