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    The history of the Marabissi confectionery company dates back to the post-World War II period: this family-run business is founded in 1946 in the heart of Chianciano Terme, in Tuscany, and run by Mrs. Jole, whose recipes are strictly followed today. Known for its quality and use of genuine ingredients, it specialises in the production of traditional Tuscan pastries, which are made by hand and taste like they used to.

    The well-known almond-flavoured cantucci biscuits served with Vin Santo, a dessert wine, and amaretti and ricciarelli biscuits made according to grandmother Jole’s recipe, constantly striving for innovation and enhancing traditional recipes with more modern ingredients: all this has allowed the company to create delicious cappuccino amaretti biscuits and artisan salted caramel biscuits, which complement Marabissi’s wide range of products, including new trends with a contemporary flavour.

    Now in its third generation, headed by siblings Massimiliano and Dania, the grandchildren of the founders, Marabissi is still renowned for its know-how, thanks to a team of meticulous and dedicated employees who strive to improve and learn every day.
    Discover Marabissi products
    Discover Marabissi products
    While remaining true to its origins, an important chapter of Italian culinary tradition, Marabissi has always maintained strong ties with the local area, making the most of its distinctive features. The outcome of the research conducted by this long-standing company is the well-known Torta di Chianciano.

    Over the course of half a century, it has become a staple of traditional confectionery in the Chianciano area, with countless imitations which, however, are nowhere near as good as the original, made with Mrs. Jole’s secret recipe. Not only is Marabissi synonymous with excellence in the food industry, but the company is also environmentally conscious and friendly: all packaging is recyclable and the electricity used to power the plants comes from 100% renewable energy.