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    Manuscript Douce 134. Mirabile visione
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    Manuscript Douce 134. Mirabile visione

    Facsimile reproduction of the ms. Douce 134, kept in the Bodleian Library in Oxford, contains the text of the Livre de la Vigne nostre Seigneur (Book of the Vineyard of our Lord), a treatise in Frankish on the Antichrist, the Last Judgement, Hell and Paradise, which stresses the fact that the theme of the pains of hell has contributed to biblical exegesis, sparking the imagination of the artists who supported its message. The manuscript is also enriched with biblical and patristic Latin quotations. In order to fully grasp its meaning and beauty, a commentary of more than 150 pages is provided for the reader, developed under the scientific direction of Tullio Gregory, with essays by Martin Kauffmann, Jean-Robert Armogathe, Francesco Santi, Marina Falla Castelfranchi and Chiara Franceschini and 40 out-of-text colour plates.


    Print run of 299 hand-numbered copies plus 10 unnumbered copies

    The facsimile, like the manuscript, consists of 170 pages (endpapers [folios i-iv], v + 165)

    The facsimile is printed in four colours plus gold hot stamping on all pages on Luxor parchment paper by Cartiere Fedrigoni

    The endpapers are printed on Ingres paper by Cartiere Fabriano

    The binding is sewn on four nerves, with a fifth nerve on the relined spine

    All pages are die cut

    The cover is made of full grain leather with two different colours for the covers and spine, with nerves and embossed decorations with squares and rhombuses as well as an additional engraved floral decoration

    Gold sprayed on three sides

    Both covers have four flattened convex brass studs attached to the inside of the cover

    It is contained in a cardboard box with a fitted lid, covered in canvas on the outside and with soft Suedel padding on the inside.