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    Mogi Caffè was born in 2007 from an idea of Monica Forcella and her brother Gianluigi who, thanks to 30 years of family experience in the distribution and technical and scientific knowledge of coffee beans, have chosen to found the company's foundations on ethical, ecological production, with organic and biological crops.

    This commitment in Mogi Caffè translates not only into attention to environmental sustainability but also to the protection of health and gender equality in the work system. All values which, in July 2021, led to the decision to integrate the company statute and become a Benefit Company.

    Within a few years, the company has implemented an ethical production process that is attentive to every detail: organic crops and the supply chain are monitored and controlled; coffees are processed with detoxification; the partners in Latin America and Africa are cooperatives self-managed by the communities that cultivate and harvest coffee with respect for the environment and social actors, with the aim of supporting the local economy.
    Discover Mogi Caffè products
    Discover Mogi Caffè products
    Furthermore, in Italy, Mogi has developed a chain for the recovery of processing waste and warehouse surplus in collaboration with social and non-profit cooperatives. Another focus of the company is training, especially the path aimed at women in difficulty: the goal is to get them into contact with the world of coffee and work to encourage and promote awareness and personal growth.

    Mogi stands out in the panorama of coffee processing for being able to integrate taste, luxury and design with attention to sustainability and good practices adopted in all stages of management, production and distribution.

    The quality of the blends and the vocation for the internationalization and export of the Italian espresso culture are accompanied by a strong focus on beauty and packaging design. The image of Mogi, in fact, is expressed in a series of original products, visually satisfying and consistent with the values of the company, which give shape to the motto "beauty is also good". Thus, in addition to the precious blends, Mogi has created a special collection of accessories, cups, mugs, tin boxes but also notebooks and a special moka coffee maker, Lunika 360 °, designed by Francesco Fusillo and selected in 2015 for the prestigious award Compasso d'Oro.