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    Oleificio Sant'Anna

    The Sant'Anna oil mill came to life from the construction of the oil mill in the Sant'Anna hamlet of the city of Marsala in 1997, when the need grew among the founders of the company to personally follow the transformation of the fruits of their own olive groves. The west coast of Sicily, its aromas and flavors are reflected in the production of Sant'Anna extra virgin olive oils which relies on two main farms, that of Marsala and that of Mazara del Vallo, for a total of 40 hectares of cultivated olive groves for three generations now. In fact, with a passion and a ten-year family tradition, Oleificio Sant’Anna applies meticulous care to all the processes of extraction of extra virgin olive oils, which have always been one of the symbols of Sicilian gastronomic culture and the Mediterranean diet.

    The olive harvest, mainly carried out in October, takes place exclusively by stripping, a process that avoids any type of mistreatment of the fruits and thus avoids potential organoleptic imbalances in the final product.
    Discover Oleificio Sant'Anna products
    Discover Oleificio Sant'Anna products
    Following this, the transformation phase begins strictly within 24 hours after harvesting with the cold extraction of the extra virgin olive oil, at temperatures that are around 22 ° - 24 ° to preserve distinctive scents and smells for each cultivar. Immediately after extraction, the extra virgin olive oil is stored in special steel silos, under nitrogen and at a controlled temperature, located in the same mill, where it will remain until bottling.

    The oils produced are three: Intense, Delicate and Organic. Each unique, for its organoleptic properties and for the experience it manages to convey to the consumer. With the aim of extending its horizons, in 2019 the Frantoio creates the "Maccubbo" brand, from the name of the Tower present in the company logo, with which it identifies two lines: one of balsamic vinegar and one of canned food from the typical flavors of the Sicilian tradition. The Sant'Anna oil mill has a history of family traditions that grows and enriches over time.

    Its mission is to transmit, generation after generation, the added value of the family component in the purest and most traditional art of producing native oils while respecting Made in Italy qua