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    Pastificio Cavalieri

    The Benedetto Cavalieri pasta factory has always been known for carefully selecting its raw materials, which are processed with cutting-edge machinery, always in step with innovation in the field. In 1918, Benedetto Cavalieri decides to embark on a new adventure by drawing on the experiences in growing and grinding durum wheat, a passion passed on to him from his father Andrea.

    The well-known “top quality pasta signed with name and surname” is born, produced in the family mill designed to process selected fine wheat from the hills of Puglia and Basilicata. Unlike other pasta factories that dry their pasta out in the street, Benedetto Cavalieri introduces a modern system, i.e. the Cirillo Method, which involves drying pasta in dedicated rooms, heated by a large hot water radiator and large blade fans.
    Discover Pastificio Cavalieri products
    Discover Pastificio Cavalieri products
    A slow and delicate process that ensures that the pasta is kneaded slowly for a long time, then pressed and drawn through bronze and dried at a low temperature: this is what gives this pasta its unmistakable flavour and texture, which go well with all types of sauce. Unlike other industrial plants that use a high- temperature system, the Cavalieri method fully preserves the nutritional qualities of each product by preserving the nutritional values of durum wheat, the foundation of the Mediterranean diet.

    Spaghetti, penne lisce and penne rigate, paccheri, linguine and ruote pazze: different shapes, thicknesses and drying times make each pasta shape unique and give it an unmistakable flavour that is able to satisfy even the palates of the most demanding customers.