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    Fra i miei libri / Among my books, by Tullio Gregory
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    Fra i miei libri / Among my books, by Tullio Gregory

    With an essay by Gennaro Sasso

    $ 11.80

    With an essay by Gennaro Sasso

    Today, books are surrounded uncomfortably by digital and traditional media, yet offer an unprecedented authority whose content is its form. This is the context inhabited by this jewel of a book which provides an inexhaustible viewpoint on the significance of knowledge and culture, written by one of the most eclectic and genial philosophers of the 20th century. Tullio Gregory’s Among my Books tells the story of the creation and identity of a library, but also of the intellectual growth and evolution of its author. In this refined and original testimony, the reader can perceive the sense of an intellectual experience that has left its mark on Italian culture: the relationships, encounters, friendships and passions that spanned ‘the short century’ from 1914 to 1991. Gennaro Sasso’s essay pays homage to Gregory's life among his books, whether acquired through chance, recommendation or study.

    Release Date: November 27th, 2019

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