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    Cercare, Leggere e Sentire, Lorenzo Terranera

    Cercare, Leggere e Sentire, Lorenzo Terranera

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    Reading is imagining, keeping one’s own company, being alone and meanwhile sharing, teaching and learning.
    Telling stories is only one side of storytelling: no story would make sense if there were no listeners, someone who, just as actively, collects images and words and makes them their own, creating a world that is always unique and new.

    “How many times: the keys, the cell phone, the car parked who knows where, the bag, the street or the square. Or the right phrase, a purpose, a person. How much of our lives have we spent looking for something? How many times have we resigned ourselves and abandoned the search? And how many times have we taken it up again much later, by will or by chance? How many times have we felt searched for and found, how many times would we have liked to be part of a search, how many times did we not even know what to look for and then, for some reason, discover it?” The fact is that humans are still the most powerful search engines, with all our ultra-complicated paths, interruptions, obsessions and distractions. Who has never had to reconstruct the moments in which they lost an object, finding it the back of their mind, surely they lost something.

    Feeling may seem like an easy thing of course, you don't have to do anything, as long as you stand still and feel. But how do you feel? How? With what part of the body? And then, what do you feel? Pain, heat, boredom, the weight of the years, noises, music, smells, stories, emotions… the question gets more complicated when there are so many possibilities: you can even hear the silence! But actually you know that there is nothing difficult in hearing, because if you are listening to yourself you don’t have to distinguish what is happening from what you know.

    Lorenzo Terranera tells stories in drawings, and in this book he takes us inside the initial and final meanings of the stories, a moment in which to participate, together, in the most beautiful game there is... fantasy, in its deepest meaning: to grow up while remaining children.

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