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    Convivere con la catastrofe. Servigne, Pablo; Stevens Raphael
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    Convivere con la catastrofe. Servigne, Pablo; Stevens Raphael

    Authors: Servigne, Pablo; Stevens Raphael

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    Authors: Servigne, Pablo; Stevens Raphael

    What happens if our civilization collapses? Not in a distant future, but now, in our lifetimes? Not as a result of Mayan predictions or millennial eschatologists: a growing number of authors, scientists and institutions are considering the collapse of the industrial civilisation that has developed over the last two centuries. What should we think of these dramatic forecasts? In this book, Pablo Servigne and Raphaël Stevens analyse the reasons for a possible collapse of the system, and propose an interdisciplinary overview of a discipline now known as "collapseology." By articulating and giving a foundation to feelings shared by many of us, they highlight the sense of "crisis" which we live in, as the problems of our time become increasingly legible. Thus they demonstrate how today’s true utopia is the belief that everything can continue as before. Collapse is the horizon of our generation, and the beginning of its future. What will happen next?

    Format: 145x210 mm
    Number of pages: 192
    Date of Publishing: 10/06/2021

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