The History

The History

Leonardo Officina Italiana was born in Campania in 2017, from an idea of ​​Salvatore and Mariafrancesca Matrone, in a laboratory where heritage and craftsmanship blend with contemporaneity and technology to give life to the pleasure of writing. In continuity with the family history, begun over 45 years ago by Ciro Matrone, co-founder and sole production manager of the historic Delta - Artigiani della Scettura brand, Leonardo is based on the experience handed down from generation to generation.

The two founders of Leonardo have learned to make elegant and refined pens, unique objects that embody all the mastery of man who for about forty years has produced and designed many of Delta's most important and successful collections of writing instruments. From his mind, heart and hands were born Dolcevita, Dolcevita Colosseo, Astra, Venice, Pompeii, Napoleon, Imperial Rome, Caruso, Vespucci, Puccini, Rediscover Pompei, Galleria, Fusion 82 and many other legendary Delta collections.

Renewing this important tradition is the task of Leonardo Officina Italiana: to revive long-forgotten filling systems - such as the side level and button filling - and to link them to a project of continuous research on materials.

Today, Leonardo Officina Italiana continues this legacy of handcrafted designs that express emotion and innovation by focusing on what characterized the Italian craftsmanship of fountain pen production during the golden age of the 1930s and 1940s.

This idea has resulted in the creation of unique objects that pay homage to period filling systems, traditional materials and techniques. Each pen is made entirely in Italy, in the Leonardo factory in Caserta, with carefully selected materials such as ebonite, wood, resins and precious metals, and celebrates the place where it was born.

All the collections of Leonardo Officina Italiana, in fact, are inspired by the landscape, the waters and the flora and fauna of Italy, but also by its culture and by the great protagonists who have made the country's history great from antiquity to the present day. . Sculpting matter like the artisans of the past, telling the origins of an ancient tradition, re-proposing the historical forms of the Italian fountain pen known and appreciated all over the world, these are the characteristics that make Leonardo Officina Italiana pens unique.