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      «The Institute continues to carry out its mission as stated in the Statute: "the compilation, updating, publication and dissemination of the Italian Encyclopedia of Sciences, Literature and Arts initiated by the Giovanni Treccani Institute, of the works that may in any case derive from it, or refer to its experience [...], in particular for the development of a humanistic and scientific culture [...], as well as for educational, research and social service needs and activities.”

      From the beginning it was characterised by critical rigour and scientific and cultural in-depth analysis, but also by outstanding performances in synthesis and dissemination. Its collaborators had to be the best Italian and international experts in each area of research, and its policy was to maintain a balance between different disciplinary fields. With the vast flood of news and knowledge made possible by the world wide web, Treccani's works – whether on paper or digital – continue to perform the indispensable function of filtering and validation which constitutes the highest task of a publishing company and becomes a strategic priority for culture in the third millennium.»

      Franco Gallo, President of the Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana

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      3011119 Treccani Emporium The World of Treccani Matera
      $ 59.00

      Il Vittoriale

      4000781 Treccani Emporium The World of Treccani Il Vittoriale
      $ 210.00


      3011174 Treccani Emporium The World of Treccani Raphael
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      3011173 Treccani Emporium The World of Treccani Caravaggio
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      3011172 Treccani Emporium The World of Treccani Giotto
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      EUROPA-tre Treccani Emporium The World of Treccani Europe
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