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    The prestigious series that Treccani dedicates to the masters of Italian painting is built on the three essential themes of painting everywhere: drawing, colour and perspective.

    Exploring a fascinating itinerary among the great figures of Italian art, the series provides tools for understanding both the painters’ stylistic development and the catalogue of their works. One reason for the success of these editions lies in the publishers’ original decision to offer volumes that are not exclusively decorative: in line with Treccani’s rigorous style, the authors of the texts are chosen from among leading sector specialists, both in Italy and abroad. Precisely because they are edited by experts and passionate scholars, the contents facilitate the reading or rereading of works that forged the awareness of Italian art, and renew its vitality. Each author constructs their essay by following the artist's life chronologically, framing it in their epoch, highlighting the importance of their art within a broad and historically vivid vision... and finally describes the most recent interpretations. As well as the main essay, the structure of each volume includes an imposing and precious iconographic apparatus in which whole and detailed images alternate. This enables the reader to admire the stylistic and content choices of the artist, revealing the most important aspects of their work.

    Precious limited edition volumes. The ninth volume, dedicated to the "great masters of colour". Large format 29x33 cm. Full grain cowhide leather binding, pit-tanned in vegetable dyes without the addition of chemical additives. Casket bound in the same leather as the volume. 412 pages in total. A total of 280 images.

      Gold hot stamping and engraving on the back and on the plate. The drawing on the plate, made with iron wire, is a detail taken from the painting Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple, painted by Tintoretto for the church of the Madonna dell’Orto in Venice, between 1552 and 1556. The printing uses a four-colour process with an extra-high definition stochastic screen. Significant examples of the artist's various periods of activity can be seen in a selection of drawings on 135 gr Scheufelen Phoenix Motion Xantur fine paper. Critical essay by Paola Marini. Catalogue of pictorial works. Updated bibliography.