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    Presepium mundi
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    Presepium mundi

    Artist's nativity scene by Daniele Papuli; Treccani 2022

    Artist's nativity scene by Daniele Papuli; Treccani 2022

    A small "scultography" of paper, of light slats placed side by side, curved, modulated with a dense, compact inlay.

    An all-round volume with wrinkled, soft profiles that reveal the signs of printing, ink, spaces, the full and empty of writing in the cut.
    Visionary material that tells about other materials, the mother, the tree and then the wood, and the tufaceous, terrestrial one.
    Matter within reach of eyes and hands that touch, follow and chase.

    A portion of the landscape, of houses perched on a ridge.

    Simple volumes, horizontal geometries that rise like extended bookcases, of narrow pages, closed books, flying between stairs and curved profiles.

    The paper slides down, the slats mark grooves and veins.

    The flared shape is that of a vessel with a high and slender bow.

    The excavation in the center is the void.

    In the shadow of the cave the Nativity.

    Three figures made of light sheets unfold like flowers.

    Nine hundred and eighty thousand strips and modules for the entire "Presepium Mundi" production made from pages of used books, selected for size, amber color and light weight of the paper.
    Seventeen thousand five hundred centimeters of ream made up of strips and modules of 20x2 cm and 10x5 cm
    Fourteen thousand seven hundred strips and rectangular-shaped modules for the construction of a Sixty + six crib p.d'a. unique handmade pieces.
    Dimensions and weight: 36x22x26 cm 3.500 gr
    Technique: lamellar inlay of strips and hand-shaped modules on hardcover and canvas volume built to measure.
    All the work is done by hand by the author.
    Slight compositional variations guarantee uniqueness.

      Daniele Papuli defines himself as a "sculptor" in continuous dialogue with materials, space and places. He discovered the passion for paper in the early nineties, he moved from Salento to Milan and in '96 he graduated in Sculpture at the Brera Academy.
      In Berlin he directs an international workshop and learns the methods of making paper sheet, cellulose miscellaneous and natural ingredients. From this decisive experience springs all his artistic production characterized by sculptural and site-specific works "of nature and paper matrix" that interact with the multiple experiences of contemporary art and design and give rise to collaborations with well-known fashion brands, Missoni in the 2000 and Hermes on several occasions from 2005 to 2009, with Dilmos in Milan, with private and public foundations, the Triennale of Milan, Flux Laboratory of Geneva, M&C Saatchi of London for the project The House of Peroni, the Aragonese Castle of Ischia with two solo exhibitions in 2014 and 2018, the MUBA with various laboratory activities dedicated to children.
      Installations and scenographic systems involve spectators, spaces, places and become all-round sensory experiences. He explores the sounds of paper with a series of live performances at the Teatro dell'Arte in Milan and from ASSAB ONE, with a participatory action, involves the public, performers, dancers, musicians.