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    Food Cost: L'analisi dei costi nella ristorazione
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    Food Cost: L'analisi dei costi nella ristorazione

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    To create a menu, every chef or restaurant manager needs to know - and know how to calculate - the amount of the full cost for each individual unit bought or sold. Knowing this data is essential to ensure the desired profit margin and better manage the business.

    The Master Food Cost focuses on the value of the full cost of a dish, which are the direct and indirect costs that make it up, the difference between margin and markup and how to calculate the profit. It also enables participants to understand how to reduce waste and set up a cost control method that is socially useful and economically sustainable.

      The Master is also aimed at managers in catering and hospitality, entrepreneurs and professionals, graduates in cooking courses and Sommeliers who wish to concentrate on the topic of cost analysis in the world of food & wine.

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