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    There is a place that magically condenses universal knowledge, inspiring fear and awe but at the same time arousing like no other amazement and a sense of peace: we are in the library. From those of the ancient East to the pre-Hellenistic Greeks, from the famous, historical Alexandrian to those of Rome and the Roman world, from the Christian to the medieval ones, from the Renaissance to the modern, spectacular ones of Paris, London, the Vatican, this book is a journey through time and space to discover the ways in which peoples and different ages have preserved knowledge and handed down the cultural heritage of the past to posterity. It should be noted that in an age in which printing had not yet been invented a library was not only a collection, but also a manuscript workshop, where the scrolls were bought, but also copied. It is not only the story that is told in these pages, which also reconstruct the different sorting and archiving criteria, the various architectural choices, the internal distribution of spaces, aesthetics, lighting, to offer us the spectacle of the places of knowledge in its entirety.

    Contributions: Francesco Guglieri
    Paperback: 120x 174mm
    Number of pages: 192

    Release Date: 24 february 2022

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