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    Testa, mano, cuore

    Testa, mano, cuore

    Author: David Goodhart. Traduction by Elisa Dalgo.

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    Author: David Goodhart. Traduction by Elisa Dalgo.

    The coronavirus pandemic has revealed what we should have known for ages: nurses, health workers, supermarket workers, couriers, cleaners and carers all play an essential role for society. Unfortunately, however, this has not been rewarded to these workers until now, either in terms of respect or from an economic point of view.  This situation is described in this in-depth investigation carried out by David Goodhart in various Western countries, rich in data and numbers. Goodhart divides the world of work into three categories: the first contains people who work "with their heads" (cognitive work), the second those who perform manual jobs, and the third those who focus on "the heart" and therefore operate in the care sector.  He then considers the status and influence of each group.  The result? Everywhere, cognitive work is considered more "prestigious", is better paid and is the goal that most universities aim for in training students. In short, it has become the "gold standard" of human esteem, and those who operate within it shape society mainly in their own interests and are powerful.  This imbalance has led to the disappointment and alienation of millions of people who work in the other two areas. David Goodhart clearly tells the hitherto unspeakable story of this disparity and illustrates the concrete challenges we will have to face in order to overcome it and live in a healthy and democratic society.

    Binding: Paperback
    Format: 14x21 cm
    Foliation: 449 pp.
    Release date: April 14, 2022

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