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    Cento luoghi di-versi

    Cento luoghi di-versi

    A visit to Italy
    The expressive capacity of the iconographic content will make places which readers have never personally visited feel familiar.
    The texts are descriptive and captivating: simple and multifaceted at the same time, they trigger the bewitching sensation of experiencing first-hand the intellectual, artistic and poetic achievements which run through Italy’s unique heritage.

    A journey into ourselves, however difficult
    In the most dramatic moments of our history, we have always returned to culture, art, and the landscape as elements from which to draw the strength to overcome the most difficult challenges. And it is therefore even more significant that it was an art historian and a poet who formed a partnership capable of guiding us on a new journey to Italy.
    (Massimo Bray, Director General of the Institute of the Italian Encyclopaedia).

    Italians inside
    One becomes Italian at school, one becomes Italian in Michelangelo’s New Sacristy, or in the pine forest of Ravenna sung by Dante: in other words one becomes Italian growing up through the tradition of the "formative journey", a process of growth offering the experience of embracing the cultural adventure which is the true glory of Italy.

    As is painting so is poetry
    Il volume Cento luoghi di-versi (Volume One Hundred di-verse places). A visit to Italy, published in 2020 by Treccani, is part of the "Ut pictura poësis" series.
    This work is a genuine artist's book, developed from the contributions of the poet Franco Marcoaldi, the art historian Tomaso Montanari and the exceptional intervention of the artist Giulio Paolini... who created both the cover and a special signed and numbered print.

    Visiting and travelling
    The idea is that the reader becomes a traveller: metaphorically, to pass the time. Using the armchair, the bed, the sofa (or, even better, the grass), on which they will read, as though on a ship or a bicycle, a tram or a train.
    In each of us, the "formative journey" is part of our biological inheritance.
    So is playfulness. So, travel becomes a widespread practice, energised by vivid expectations: it becomes a key moment of personal experience, each with their own “accumulating history". As well as travel, other kinds of strong cultural significance can also be condensed: and so key elements of modern culture come into their own, such as Discovery, Utopia and Learning.

    In a limited edition, 150 hand-numbered copies from 1 to 150, plus 20 copies in Roman numbers. Dimensions of 34 x 48 cm, printed in 5 colours and stochastic screening, on Symbol Tatami paper by Cartiere Fedrigoni. The binding is handmade with a calf leather back and Wild Natural paper plates by Cordenons. Giulio Paolini created the collage used to make the cover, silkscreen-printed for 150 numbered copies, and also the special screen printing and dry reliefs, which constitutes the insert, numbered and signed. The special screen printing and dry reliefs, which forms the insert of the work. 150 numbered copies signed by the artist.