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    Il bazar della memoria. Come costruiamo i nostri ricordi e come i ricordi ci costruiscono

    Il bazar della memoria. Come costruiamo i nostri ricordi e come i ricordi ci costruiscono

    Authors: O'Keane, Veronica Translation: Natascia Pennacchietti

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    Authors: O'Keane, Veronica Translation: Natascia Pennacchietti

    Nostalgia, sadness, regret, bewilderment: the memories that suddenly emerge in the consciousness and have the power to move us are the result of a complex neural process that takes place in the shadow of our everyday life, but at the same time they themselves shape our style of life. to be, to perceive the world around us, to behave and fervently feed our imagination.
    Psychiatrist Veronica O'Keane has spent many years observing how memory and experience are inextricably intertwined: the fragmented memories of people living with severe mental illness have allowed her - like Oliver Sacks - to illuminate the mysteries of the human brain. and to relate them to the world of experience.
    Why can memories seem so real? How are they related to our sensations and perceptions? Why is that place so important in memory? Are there "real" memories and "false" memories? And what happens when the memory process is interrupted by a mental illness?
    Drawing on her patients' touching stories, literature and fairy tales, the author uses the latest neuroscientific research to piece together the extraordinary puzzle that is our psyche from birth to old age.

    Format: 145 x 210

    Language: Italian

    Number of pages: 320

    Release date: June 10, 2022

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