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    Lo stile dell'abuso. Violenza domestica e linguaggio, Scarpa Raffaella

    Lo stile dell'abuso. Violenza domestica e linguaggio, Scarpa Raffaella

    Author: Scarpa, Raffaella

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    Author: Scarpa, Raffaella

    Among the many points of view from which the phenomenon of domestic violence is analysed, none has been more underestimated than language. Yet, the use of words, their combination, the "style of speech" constitute the fundamental means used by abusers to reduce and keep the woman in a state of continuous subjection and submission. Through a discussion that critically re-discusses the concepts of power and violence starting from their relationship with language, and the study of a large amount of cases collected in more than twenty years of research, the author redefines domestic violence by elaborating new interpretative categories, and illustrates its still unknown hidden mechanisms, as well as describing for the first time the complex linguistic system that underlies it. Proving that the linguistic analysis of the "style of abuse" is nothing more than a "lie detector."

    Format: 145x210 mm
    Number of pages: 352
    Date of Publishing: 16/09/2021

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