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    An immense archive in progress
    There are over 150,000 entries in the Treccani Vocabulary: an inexhaustible source for the study of the Italian lexicon and its evolution over time. The Utopia project aims to illustrate its content thanks to the contribution of artists: i'ts an invitation to complete the utopian discovery of creating a vocabulary of images, a collection of artist posters to celebrate contemporary creativity and the charm of the language we speak and write, through which we interpret the present and imagine the future. Each invited artist will be able to choose a word from the Vocabulary that reflects their work and their thoughts: to this word they will associate an image, created ad hoc, selected from their corpus of works, reworked or appropriate. The artist will be able to support, revisit, destroy or complete the chosen definition, relating to the content of the lemma with the utmost freedom of expression.
    100 copies, numbered and signed by the artist
    It is not equipping the text with a figure to facilitate its reading, but rather complicating it, highlighting its complexities and suggesting new possible meanings. The poster, a poster dedicated to the Italian language, will show the image on the front and will show the chosen lemma on the back of the opera together with the numbering and the artist's signature. Invading the walls with the words of the Treccani Vocabulary and with the images of the artists to consolidate the vocabulary and stimulate the imagination of the reader and the observer: this is the ultimate goal of the Utopia project, an immense archive, in progress, which returns a photograph of the contemporary art scene while celebrating the Italian language, its richness and its transformations. A look towards the future, a visionary, imaginative and utopian enterprise.

    The great absentee of the composition by Pietro Golia
    Piero Golia, an artist used to causing amazement by overturning the rules, chooses the "absence" word for the Utopia project. The great absentee of the composition is evidently Napoleon Bonaparte, portrayed by Jacques-Louis David between 1800 and 1803. Thus, the meaning of the word ("Being absent from a place where one should be or is usually found"), it is returned by the operation of neo-Dadaist inspiration; the figure of the French emperor, glorified by the pose on horseback inspired by classical statuary, is brutally canceled.

    Alessandro Piangiamore – Cielo
    Alessandro Piangiamore – Cielo
    L’interpretazione di cielo, proposta da Alessandro Piangiamore, artista solito a creare atmosfere fantastiche, dal sapore borgesiano, è tutt’altro che didascalica, gioca con i concetti di realtà e apparenza, mescolandoli.