Atlante Geopolitico 2022

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Authors: AA.VV.


In a world marked by global events that direct humanity towards new and increasingly complex paths, the Treccani 2022 Geopolitical Atlas continues to represent an indispensable tool for orienting oneself in a constantly changing reality.
The result of the renewed collaboration between the Institute of the Italian Encyclopaedia and the Center for International Political Studies (CeSPI), the work confirms its strengths once again in this edition: expository clarity, rigorous analysis, immediate usability of the contents, accurate selection of data, constant updating of information, wealth of graphs, tables and geopolitical and thematic maps.
In investigating these profound connections, and with constant reference to current events, great importance is therefore given not only to examining the repercussions of the pandemic - with its long-term consequences in economic, social and demographic terms -, but also to the analysis of how these interact with the environmental and climate crisis as well as with the transformations of energy scenarios, themes to which the 2022 edition of the Atlas reserves particular attention, identifying them as the leitmotif of the initial essays and as a particular focus in the fact sheets of the States.
There is also great attention to the changes taking place in the world order and to the innumerable military conflicts crossing the international scenario, whose destabilizing potential - which has manifested itself in all its drama and disruption with the Russian invasion of Ukraine - influences growth and development prospects in many areas of the world, often poorly 'illuminated' by the media spotlight tici.
The space dedicated to the States remains ample, with detailed cards renewed in the graphic and cartographic kit. Alongside the traditional examination of the most recent domestic political events, the role assumed on the international scene, social and demographic developments and energy and security policy, particular emphasis will be given to the analysis of environmental policies and the protection of human rights, topics that are always more relevant in the public debate. Furthermore, the recognition of international organizations remains in depth, while the data appendix allows us to evaluate the changes underway even more in detail and in a comparative perspective.

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Library edition technical data:
1 volume
format 17x24
796 pages

6 essays on new global trends (Climate change, environmental disasters and migratory flows by Valeria Costantini; Climate emergency and armed conflicts by Elena Paglialunga; The impact of pandemic and war on the energy transition in Asia-Pacific by Gian Luca Atzori; From Australia in Vanuatu: Climate Change in the Geopolitics of the South Pacific by Gabriele Abbondanza; The Impact of Climate Change in Latin America by Gonzalo Pizarro; The Right to the Future: Movements for Justice climate change in Europe by Lorenzo Zamponi)
197 cards on the States
63 factsheets on international organizations
197 state cards
197 geolocated maps
283 completely new thematic charts and graphs 60 indicators

Publication date: 29 November 2022.

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