“Quaderni d’arte italiana” art magazine #4

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Quaderni d’arte italiana is a quarterly magazine, created by the Rome Quadriennale foundation, which is aimed at providing a space for exploring 21st-century Italian art and how it is linked to the various national and international cultural, social and political scenarios. The editor-in-chief of the magazine is Gian Maria Tosatti. The editorial board consists of: Nicolas Ballario, Francesca Guerisoli, Nicolas Martino, Attilio Scarpellini and Andrea Viliani. This reflection involves not only the curators who contribute to the many activities of the Quadriennale, but also external authors. The fourth issue of the magazine Quaderni d’arte italiana examines the concept of Identity: it is meant to take us on a journey somewhere in between two worlds, the universe and the metaverse, looking at the extent to which artists and several philosophers have analysed how humanity fluctuates between these two planes. The aim of the first section is to provide a general context by exploring the essence of a new dichotomy of being: online and offline. The second section describes two different yet parallel identities that can be observed in 21st-century Italian art and that can be found in two very different generations: one born before the Internet Age, and the other made up of digital natives. The third section delves into specific topics that came to light from such cultural scenarios, and explores the way in which the digital world (or its opposite) has contributed to the emergence of new artistic poetics or lifestyles.

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Format: 14,8x21 cm
Pages: 126
Set up: thread
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