Quaderni d'arte italiana #6

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Rivista d’arte Quaderni d’arte italiana


Quaderni d’arte italiana is a quarterly magazine, created by the Rome Quadriennale foundation, which is aimed at providing a space for exploring 21st-century Italian art and how it is linked to the various national and international cultural, social and political scenarios. The editor-in-chief of the magazine is Gian Maria Tosatti. The editorial board consists of: Nicolas Ballario, Francesca Guerisoli, Nicolas Martino, Attilio Scarpellini and Andrea Viliani. This reflection involves not only the curators who contribute to the many activities of the Quadriennale, but also external authors. Nowadays, we talk about the future as if we were talking about the lack of air in a collapsed mine, as we wait for someone to get us out. But it is unlikely that anyone will come and get us out of our present situation, as there is no one else here besides us. And so maybe we need to make an effort and try to think of the future as something we can actually build, starting with actual information about where we are, in an attempt to chart a course to wherever it is we want to go.

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Language: Italian/English
Binding: sewn binding
Format: 14.8×21 cm
Number of pages: 126

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