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The History

Doing things quickly without wasting time: this seems to be a staple of modern life, the only way to keep up with the fast pace of others and not fall behind. At a time when doing is closely linked to a convulsive acceleration that seems to be without respite, there are companies that continue to rely on the slow processes typical of artisan tradition and on the craftsmanship skills typical of fine manufacturing. In this field, the Tallone publishing house has been a leader in Italy since 1938 and, year after year, enriches its value in a market dedicated to enthusiasts and careful collectors. In that year, Alberto Tallone becomes the owner of the atelier of his teacher Maurice Darantière, who had also published, among many other books, the first edition of James Joyce’s Ulysses: this marks the beginning of a long series of events that would make the publishing house a household name in the history of Italian fine craftsmanship.

All the fine products created by this printing factory, which is still located in Alpignano, in the province of Turin, are the symbol of an aesthetic research in the field of book architecture: the editions, which are all numbered and available in a limited edition, are the only ones entirely composed by hand in movable typefaces embossed on steel punches. The Parisian atelier of the publishing house is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. It has belonged to no fewer than 11 generations of publishers and has contributed to a history of continuous dialogue between Paris and Italy, producing valuable books meant to last over time. Tallone uses only the finest, heaviest-weight paper, on which the ink is at its best; the movable typefaces, engraved by burin and adapted each time to the engraver’s hand, are able to impress the medium, enhancing the reading experience.

Entirely hand-sewn, all the books made in the atelier are designed and produced in unconventional formats that are able to surprise readers and are part of collections that are now kept in some of the leading libraries in Italy and abroad, as well as in many private collections. With a catalogue inspired by the past while looking to the future, the Tallone publishing house publishes some of the most important works of prose and poetry, with a special focus on contemporary authors.

Con un catalogo che guarda al passato, ma che si proietta verso il futuro, la Casa editrice Tallone pubblica alcune delle opere fondamentali della prosa e della poesia, con una particolare attenzione rivolta verso gli autori contemporanei.