Teoria politica del denaro. Da Aristotele a Keynes

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Eich, Stefan, Elisabetta Spediacci (Translation)

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As a result of the 2008 global financial crisis, the monetary response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the unfolding climate catastrophe, and the unabated growth in economic inequality, money has become the real battlefield where different visions of the future collide. When it comes to these debates, political philosophers can play a pivotal role by providing the conceptual means to investigate what justice and democracy actually mean in that particular monetary system known as financial capitalism, and by retrieving or creating a suitable language for discussing them. By looking at the insights of key political thinkers from ancient Greece up to the present day, from Aristotle to Locke, from Fichte to Marx and Keynes, the important intellectual history of monetary policy as recounted by Stefan Eich shows how the focus of these pages is not only a means of exchange but also a fundamental institution of political government. As the modern monetary system, always wavering between expectations of expansion and unstable experience, has found its ultimate expression in times of difficulty, when new ways of addressing the issue have arisen, the author has identified and investigated six stages of crisis occurring throughout history. He also shows how only by becoming more aware of the historical limits of monetary policy can we begin to formulate more democratic notions of money as a public asset.

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Language: Italian
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