Medium Design, Keller Easterling

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Author: Keller Easterling


How to deal in an alternative way with the great dilemmas of our time, from global warming to inequality, to concentrations of authoritarian power? Keller Easterling argues that the search for solutions to individual problems is a mistake and offers the perspective of medium design: this considers not only separate objects, ideas and events but also the space and the links between them.  Our culture is very good at naming things but not so good at seeing how they connect and interact. Offering many case studies, this book does not look at new technologies for innovation, but rather at the sophisticated relationships which they weave with existing ones.  And in doing so, he not only trains the ability to observe space but also to change it, presenting design as a form of activism with special powers. Medium design could thus stimulate practical inventions and paradigmatic changes capable of radically altering the approach to any type of political and environmental problem.

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Format: 145x210 mm
Number of pages: 200
Release date: October 21, 2021.

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