The History

The History

Established in Faenza in 1928 by the painter and ceramic sculptor Riccardo Gatti, Bottega Gatti is a well-known brand and global ambassador of “Made in Italy”, whose story is continually intertwined with some of the key moments in the history of Italian and international art and fine craftsmanship.

In the 1930s, his initial contacts with the Futurist Movement lead to a series of ceramics inspired by the models of some of the group’s most prominent artists, including Balla, Dal Monte, Benedetta and Fabbri. A few years later, as part of the renewal of artistic craftsmanship promoted by ENAPI, Gatti creates a number of objects for the Milan Triennale, based on designs by artists, designers and architects of the likes of Giò Ponti, Carlo Corvi and Giovanni Guerrini, who was the director of ENAPI at the time. Handcrafted ceramics, meticulous attention to detail and ongoing research into innovation allow the company to create unique objects that are in step with the times: these are its distinguishing features, which remain even when the grandson, Dante Servadei, takes over the management.

In the late 1980s, he starts working with Echaurren, Della Casa and Nespolo and, in the 1990s, with Enrico Baj and Sebastian Matta. During this time, the Bottega Gatti produces the well-known Nero e Oro (Black and Gold) panel by Alberto Burri, which is still on display at the International Ceramics Museum in Faenza. Furthermore, thanks to collaborations – which are still very fruitful – with Luigi Ontani and Mimmo Paladino or with the French artists Arman and Luis Cane, the city of Faenza serves as a cradle for ongoing intellectual and artistic dialogue, where personalities from all over the world get together to find out more about the all-Italian ceramic manufacturing process and consider the historic Bottega Gatti a benchmark company in the sector.

Combining tradition and modernity, knowing how to satisfy customers’ needs by anticipating their tastes and trends, with an interdisciplinary approach that allows for a fruitful exchange between various professionals: these have always been the distinguishing features of Bottega Gatti and, still today, when meeting young artists, makes it a partner of excellence for museums, collections and art galleries.