The History

The History

In 1912, at the foot of the Dolomites, a family-run business is established that would later be known for its commitment to the ongoing pursuit of perfection with a focus on words: Montegrappa. There is a deep and intimate bond between paper and the thinking mind, i.e. that of the pen, which is not to be considered an object of the past, only good for collecting dust in some old collection, but an essential writing instrument with which we can focus on words and enjoy taking our time with freehand writing. For over a century, the Montegrappa manufacturing company has been synonymous with the excellence of fine craftsmanship, in which ancient tradition is combined with state-of-the-art technologies to create unique products with a timeless charm, which can become true style accessories, giving free rein to creativity.

By working together with some of the greatest protagonists in the history of design, writing instruments that can be defined as gems have been created: by melting precious metals, combined with mother-of-pearl celluloid and an exclusive design, the Dragon pen is born (1995), with which the company enters the luxury market; the exclusive Samurai pen, introduced in 2018, wins the Robb Report Best of the Best Award as the most elaborate pen ever conceived. In 2013, the Brain pen is introduced, the first in a series of popular creations born from a collaboration with Richard Restak, an American neuropsychiatrist and author who has studied the link between the pen and the human brain. An extremely high aesthetic value goes hand in hand with ongoing functional research, as in the Q1 pen from the Cult Collection or the revolutionary Power-Push loading mechanism, which is the beating heart of the Revolver pen (2018).

With a history that celebrates sophistication and elegance, thanks to the Atelier and Configurator projects, a pen can be tailored specifically to the customer’s wishes and needs, choosing from numerous options available, to create one-of-a-kind objects of unparalleled beauty.