The History

The History

Since 1921, Alessi has been writing a story that continues to this day: it has gradually evolved from a simple factory into one of the most prominent companies in the history of Italian design, always balancing international creative innovations with customer demands. Since its founding, Alessi’s mission statement has always been to focus on its customers, their needs, desires and dreams, and Alessi has made them come true.

With its fine craftsmanship, entirely made in Italy and firmly rooted in its local area, Alessi is also known as La Fabbrica dei Sogni (The Dream Factory), where objects for everyday use are turned into authentic furnishings. Aesthetics, functionality and raw materials of the highest quality are perfectly balanced to create products that leave their mark and are always able to amaze. The skilled hands of the experienced workers of the plant in Crusinallo di Omegna meet the creative imagination of well-known designers, resulting in an ongoing fruitful collaboration combining traditional craftsmanship and industrial mass production.

Most of the products in the Alessi Collections are made using cold metal processing techniques: in 1985, the company presents the 9093 kettle by Michael Graves, set to become one of the most iconic items, which is still remembered today as the kettle that sings when the water comes to the boil; in 1988, Philippe Starck designs the famous Juicy Salif citrus squeezer; in 1995, Alessandro Mendini creates Juicy Salif; in 1995, Alessandro Mendini creates Anna G., the corkscrew that has become renowned worldwide for its human-like features and cheeky smile, which would lead to an entire range of products bearing her name; in 2000, after 15 years of collaboration with illicaffé, Michele De Lucchi’s Pulcina , coffee maker is created, which stops filtering the coffee at the right moment, just before it becomes bitter. As part of a continuous effort to innovate and change, after 100 years Alessi is still able to come up with new creations that appeal to consumers and inspire them.