The History

The History

Going back in time to the slow process of letterpress printing using old machines, the smell of ink, getting your hands dirty, and paper being cut and folded by hand: this is the rhythm that distinguishes Officina Typo, the Modena-based letterpress workshop founded by Ebe Babini, Gina Paolini and Silvano Babini.

Traditional techniques and modern design are combined to create limited edition books, posters, games, art prints and artists’ books. Established in 2011 out of a passion for typography, Officina Typo prefers movable typesetting, woodcut engraving and printing with ancient manual presses to state-of-the-art digital printing techniques. At a time when digital technology is certainly more economically competitive, the Modena-based workshop aims to bring typography back into the spotlight by using it to create art prints and products of the highest quality. In this family-run business, each creation is designed and produced in-house by envisioning and shaping the final product: a raw material such as wood, linoleum or rubber is engraved in order to achieve an extremely sophisticated end result compared to that offered by contemporary printing techniques.

In fact, traditional typography offers a tactile experience: by printing on paper, which is carefully chosen in fine weights that help to give shape and texture to the product, the third dimension is achieved: through the letterpress process or the use of old hand presses, the ink does not simply transfer onto the paper, but settles in the groove left by the pressure applied by the machine. In their workshop, Ebe, Gina and Silvano transform thoughts into images, always keeping an eye on the history of art and design and without forgetting the playful dimension, which makes a comeback not only in the editions, but especially in children’s games, which are perfect to learn while having fun.